Next Generation Telematics and Mobile Computing

Your black boxes just got a whole lot smarter

Micronet is here to help service providers deliver the next generation of telematics. That means richer, more advanced end-to-end solutions that offer your clients even greater business transformation in terms of productivity, customer service and compliance. It’s also about delivering superior value, at a time when return on investment has never been under greater scrutiny.

In a world that demands more, we’ve created a mobile computer that enables your telematics solutions to deliver more.

We designed our game-changing mobile computer to work with your black boxes Using the GPS and GSM already built into your black boxes, the CE-500 series offers unlimited possibilities for rich end-to-end telematics solutions and mobility applications. By utilising the communications in your telematics hardware, a separate SIM card isn't needed, avoiding additional costs or complexity.

Complete connectivity with on-board systems

Micronet's CE-500 and TREQ® series mobile or handheld computer brings together telematics and business mobility into one integrated solution. This means the integration of location data (from your telematics black box), vehicle CANbus data and mobile workforce workflows. By combining these data sources, you are able to offer richer solutions that create more insight and business intelligence than ever before.

Integration with Telematics requires CE-504 or CE-507 or TREQ®-VMX / TREQ®-M4x models with Telematics Connectivity option.

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