A-307i portable Platform Overview

The A-307i provides Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and Telematics Service Providers (TSP’s) with a rugged and versatile vehicle-centric mobile-computing platform for a variety of Mobile Resource Management (MRM) applications. The A307i is a PORTABLE mount platform, enabling both in-cab fixed in-vehicle operation when docked to the cradle,and out of vehicle PORTABLE operation for inspection, signature capture, and check-list applications.
Micronet A-307 tablet
The A-307i’s Base Model configuration contains the standard set of features and functions of the Tablet. The A-307i’s Wireless Model configuration contains the standard set of features plus W-Fi and Bluetooth wireless communication capabilities. There is a range of optional extensions, add-ons and accessories to enhance the A-307i’s capabilities such as 3G and GPS, serving advanced fleet management solutions.

The A-307i platform runs the Google Android™ 4 operating system. The platform offers a comprehensive development environment for independent application programming and system integration.
The A-307i device architecture provides a solid and cost-effective design by simplifying maintenance tasks, significantly extending product life expectancy, and lowering the total cost of ownership (TCO).

The A-307i’s ruggedness is able to withstand the rough commercial automotive environment, including operation in a wide temperature range, vibrations, and shock. Using the external vehicle diagnostic and cellular communication accessory devices, the A-307i platform supports a fully integrated and standalone fleet management solution functionality.

For technical specs and for more details, please contact your Micronet representative.
* Future options depend on customer demand
Android™ is a trademark of Google® Inc. Bluetooth is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG.
GSD® – Guardian System Design is a trademark of Micronet, providing software as a service to enable advanced Mobile Device Management, OTA and FOTA updates.


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