TREQ®-317 Fix-mount Platform Overview

The TREQ®-317 platform is a rugged, Android™ based fix-mount tablet that offers advanced functionality at a competitive price. As one of Micronet’s next generation tablets, the TREQ®-317 combines innovative new technology with a 'fit-for-purpose' product design. This versatile vehicle-centric platform is available as a complete All-in-One platform with a wireless cellular modem or as a Base Model solution to interface with a third party telematics unit (AVL or Black-Box unit).
Micronet TREQ®-317 tablet The TREQ®-317 All-in-one was recently enhanced to support video cameras, supporting up to 4 video cameras, and enable triggering of automotive events to show the selected video image on screen, while the applications are still running in the tablet's background. This version is named TREQ®-317 AIO Video, and is available for ordering.

Key Features

  • Fixed mount tablet, enabling advanced fit-for-purpose in-cab operation.
  • Google® Android™ 4.0 operating system supported.
  • Rugged, commercial automotive environment design for wide temperature ranges, mechanical shock and vibration, range of electrical power support.
  • GSD® service for advanced monitoring, over-the-air (OTA) and FOTA (firmware OTA) updates, driver training and remote device control.
  • Seven-inch touch screen display, supporting resistive and multi-touch capacitive screens.
  • Advanced functions support including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth®, LTE 4G or GSM 3.5G Cellular, GPS and CANbus.


Designed as an open platform, the TREQ®-317 platform supports the Google Android 4.0 operating system, providing a comprehensive development environment for independent application programming and system integration. The solid architecture and cost-effective design simplifies maintenance tasks, significantly extends product life expectancy, and lowers the total cost of ownership.

GSD® Over-the-Air Software Services

GSD® - Advanced software tools to manage and support mobile devices in the field. Micronet’s comprehensive software framework called GSD® - Guardian System Design - is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that provides advanced software tools to remotely manage and support applications and system firmware updates/upgrades on the Micronet TREQ®-317 when deployed in the field. The GSD® enables remote, over-the-air, Firmware and custom application updates allowing OEMs and TSP customers to keep devices relevant anywhere, anytime. The smallest delta between the source and target OS versions is generated with GSD’s Smart Delta technology, guaranteeing the smallest and fastest possible device update. Administrators can proactively monitor and manage connected devices and enable device self-check for updates with a flexible web interface.


Three configuration choices are offered: the Base Model,the All-in-One, and the All-in-One VIDEO TREQ®-317. The Base Model is designed to interface with third party telematics units (AVL boxes). The All-in-One models includes built-in cellular communications, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and a vehicle CAN-bus interface, enabling cost savings on installations, reduced integration complexity, and simplified development and support work. The TREQ®-317 has in addition support for Video input from up to 4 cameras.

Supported Functions** Base Model All-In-One All-In-One Video                    
Tablet Functionality
Cellular 4G or 3.5G
Video support

For technical specs and for more details, please contact your Micronet representative.
** Future options depend on customer demand
Android™ is a trademark of Google® Inc. Bluetooth® is a registered trademark of Bluetooth SIG. GSD® – Guardian System Design is a trademark of Micronet.


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