GSD® Software Services

Introducing GSD® - Advanced software tools to manage and support mobile devices in the field

Micronet’s new comprehensive software framework called GSD® - Guardian System Design - is a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service platform that provides advanced software tools to manage and support applications and system firmware upgrades on Micronet and 3rd party devices installed in the field. The GSD® enables remote, over-the-air, access and control of Android based mobile devices, to conduct individual, or group diagnostics, support and training activity.Micronet A-317V tablet

GSD® a fully integrated software framework enabling new levels of control, support and corporate policy compliance

GSD® is now offered on Micronet’s Android based platforms - the A307, A307i, A317, A317V series of rugged, automotive-grade tablets. It enables both firmware and application software to be remotely managed, and simplifies maintenance, trouble-shooting and remote training, significantly reducing operational costs over the life time of the product, and substantially improving user experience and customer satisfaction.

GSD® features white-label cloud-based software as a service solutions, offered as two key services:

  • Mobile Device Management and Remote control
  • Fail-safe firmware and application over-the-air updates

GSD® – Mobile Device Management

Service features:

  • BYOD - Bring Your Own Device management
  • Device Personalization
  • Corporate policy compliance
  • Personal use restrictions
  • Legacy application management and control

GSD® – Remote control

Service features:

  • Real time user display control
  • User action control
  • Device system access
  • Remote investigation and troubleshooting
  • Manual device management and recovery
  • Variety of functions for user Training and Support

GSD® – OTA/FOTA Firmware & Application Update Manager

Service features:

  • 100% failure protected device firmware and app version update
  • Extremely efficient data size compression (delta changes generation)
  • Online or Offline, configurable update campaign by -
    • Customer
    • Device configuration
    • Date and Time
    • User action
  • Full update status control
  • Version control and reporting

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