Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Where can I review additional technical information for the type of MDT (Mobile Data Terminal) I want?
A - Start with the main section for the MDT products line and read through the different individual pages. At the bottom page for each MDT model you can find links that will take you to technical data sheets and manuals. (You will be required to go through a short registration first).

For a brief comparison table between the individual models check at Our Entire Line

Q - O.K but what are the cost and lead times for the type of MDT I want?
A - For pricing and other commercial details for the type of MDT model you are interested in, please apply through our mailing system or by writing to our Sales Department: And you will be answered within 24 hours.

Q - I would like to have my own private label for the MDT I want, is this possible?
A - Yes. We can design and include your own private label to include company logo with each MDT ordered by you. (Not for Development and Demo units) Please contact our Sales Department: for pricing and artwork procedures.

Q - What else is provided with your MDT? Do you provide cables?
A -
Each Net960xx MDT is supplied with holding bracket and screws. Cables are not provided by us and need to be designed, priced and ordered locally.
- Each CE-50x device needs a DC-DC power box convering 12V/24V to 5V, and a main power and communication cable. Both are supplied by Micronet, at additional cost.

Q - Do you OEM your products to partnership with system integrators etc?
A - Yes we do OEM our products customizing them to accommodate various technical requirements and under private label or larger system configuration. For further information and our OEM proposal please contact us describing your company and the product at request.

Q - Do you provide Warranty with your products and for how long? Is it possible to buy Extended Warranty, for how long and at what cost?
A - Yes. Micronet provides full manufacturer 12 months Warranty for all MDTs.
Please check our Warranty for terms and conditions. If you would like to buy an extension you may do so for up to 4 additional years. Please check for details at:

Q - Now that I have decided for the type of MDT I want to work with, what's next? Do you take Credit Cards? What are your lead times for the available evaluation \ DTK packages?
A - You may choose to proceed with one of our Evaluation \ Development Packages type, and purchase a full DTK (Development Tool Kit).
And, Yes we do take credit cards for the purchase of DTK packages. All our DTK Packages can be supplied in 1 -2 weeks depends on availability at the time of ordering and come with 30 days, non conditional money-back-guarantee.
See details for optional DTK packages. For any technical questions and support please contact our technical support team.

Q - Why do I need the DTK?
A -
Our MDTs are not uploaded with application software. Each MDT model has a DTK (Development Tool Kit) for application development, testing, and integration purposes. The DTK includes 2 fully featured MDT units, full SDK with a sample applications in source code, and API functions. All our DTKs are supported by a 30 days, non conditional money-back-guarantee.

Q - If I purchased only the Demo Kit and decided to move on and develop an application for the MDT, can I still keep my Demo Kit and use it for development purposes saving the need to purchase also the full DTK afterwards?
A - Yes, and you can upgrade the Demo Kit you purchased by receiving from us the additional H/W and S/W required for a full DTK package.

Q - Do I need to specify any technical requirements for the MDTs supplied with the DTK?
A - No. The DTK for the MDT of your choice will be configured to incorporate maximum features and options so that you can decide for them during the development phase.

Caution: The MDTs supplied in the DTK package exceed in their specifications and functionality those of regular production units. When finishing the application development once you are ready to place your first order please ask for the ordering guide for the MDT you want, making sure to specify and order also the additional options not included in the regular units.


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